The Union of Mohalim Europe (UME) was created by the CER in 2013 in order to face the challenge and threats from forces trying to restrict and forbid the fundamental Jewish law and tradition of circumcision. UME is an independent corporation of public law registered in Europe and affiliated with the CER.

Main Objectives

The maintenance of high professional standards of Brit Mila in Europe from a medical, technical as well as halachic perspective;

Offering training, guidance and logistical support to Mohalim in Europe as well as legal information to those travelling in order to perform Brit Mila in other European countries;

Facilitating the placement of Mohalim all over Europe, considering special needs and requests – especially in remote areas and countries without local Mohalim. All our members are properly trained and certified, possess the practical expertise and do also personally fulfil the halachic requirements expected from an expert Mohel. Rabbi Shlomo Hofmeister of Vienna serves as the president of this organization, and the Halachic authority is the European Beth Din, headed by Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu.

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