In order to become a member of the CER Conference of European Rabbis a person must:

a) Be a Rabbi with a Rabbinical ordination from an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi or an Orthodox Jewish in situation.
b) Believe in the 13 Principle of the Jewish faith.
c) Be committed and practicing a life according to Jewish law’s and custom.
d) Live or / and work in Europe, or has lived and worked in Europe as in article 1.1.e.
e) Engage in Rabbinical work either full time or part time, or for many years were active in Europe in the rabbinate or in the teaching of Torah.
f) Conduct a synagogue service in accordance with Halacha as defined by the SC of the CER.
g) Fill out the necessary application form of the CER and possess all necessary recommendations.
h) Pay, on time, all CER membership dues.
i) Have not been convicted of any felony.

For members the CER will:

a) Certify Rabbis in good standing.
b) Help place Rabbis within communities.
c) Certify Rabbis who can issue kashrut certificates.
d) Certify Rabbinical courts which can deal with conversions and divorces.
e) Help Rabbis who may be in distress in their communities.
f) Give political and legal advice to Rabbis regarding their employment rights
g) Defend Rabbis when attacked by external organisations.

The Rabbis who are members of the CER will have to abide by the following rules:

a) Rabbis will never attack another member of the CER from another country in Europe, in any media, without the explicit sanction of the SC.
b) Rabbis will support other members of the CER in distress.