The CER has been involved since inception in facilitating the availability and affordability of Kosher food in Europe. Initially Rabbi Meir Levinger of the CER, an expert on Kosher food and rabbi in Basel and Cologne, headed the ECK, European Central Kashruth, mandated to verify the kosher certification issued by local European Rabbis.

The ECK’s main concentration remained advising local rabbis on Kosher issues. During the Standing Committee meeting in Kiev 2012, the CER decided to launch a central and comprehensive Kashruth authority in Europe to serve pan-European kosher food and manufacture needs – East European Kashruth (EEK). Rabbi Gedaliya Koltanyuk, was nominated to be the General Director of EEK.

At the end of 2013 ЕЕК published the first comprehensive list of kosher products certified by competent European kashrut authorities. The items are searchable by country, brand name, food type and kashrut authority.