3 December 2023

European Rebbetzin Conference- Munich, December 2023

This week, on 3-5.12, 2023 | CER -the Conference of European Rabbis organised the European rebbetzin conference.
The conference took place in Munich with the participation of 50 Rebbetzins from 19 countries from all over Europe who came despite the difficult weather.
The conference was held in cooperation with the Matanel Foundation, the Ministry of diaspora affairs and Combat against antisemitism, the International Resilience Centre in Sderot and in the presence of Rabbanit Yemima Mizrahi, the president of the European Rabbaniot enrichment program.
The rich program taught the Rebbetzins professional tools for crisis management in the community in order to develop their and their community’s resilience, especially during these hard times.
The workshops also dealt with time management, project planning, lively discussions, and time to bond and strengthen the European rebbetzin community.

This Project was supported by the Matanel Foundation