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    Challenge of pandemic ‘is to think of others’ | The Sunday Telegraph
    Coronavirus has forced us to care more about others, Europe’s chief Rabbi says | The Sunday Telegraph (online)


    CER coverage 11.09.2020


    CER coverage 04.09.2020


    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt: ‘Prevent extraneous and selective bureaucracy’ | Arutz Sheva
    Backstory Breakthrough | Art of the deal
    Backstory Breakthrough | Art of the deal
    Backstory Breakthrough | Art of the deal


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    Desecration of ancient German Jewish cemetery: Not anti-Semitism – this time | Arutz Sheva
    Munich’s Chief Rabbi attacked by Muslims | Arutz Sheva


    CER coverage 17.07.2020


    Thousands in Europe to Learn Halachos and Mishnayos in Memory of Coronavirus Victims | Hamodia
    Le comité rabbinique européen propose d’étudier les lois du respect de la synagogue | Kountrass news
    European rabbis begin rehabilitating synagogues | Arutz Sheva
    CER’s programme of chizuk for the Three Weeks | Jewish Tribune


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    Torah class in the United Arab Emirates | Arutz Sheva


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    150 rabbis commemorate 75th anniversary of Jewish liberation from Nazis | The Jerusalem Post
    75 ans après la libération : des rabbanim du monde entier se réunissent au Kotel | Kountrass news
    75 years since the Day of Salvation and Liberation – amid coronavirus | Arutz Sheva
    75th Anniversary of Day of Salvation and Liberation Marked Amid COVID-19 | Hamodia
    Amsterdam: Jewish community in great distress | Arutz Sheva
    Zoom des membres du Comité rabbinique européen ! | Kountrass news


    CER coverage 15.05.2020


    Synagogues in Germany begin reopening | Arutz Sheva
    Neo-Nazis interrupt Torah lessons on ‘Zoom’ | Arutz Sheva
    CER coverage 07.05.2020


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    Carnival anti-Semitism ‘reminder of Europe’s darker moments,’ Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt says | Arutz Sheva
    CER coverage 20.03.2020


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    En tant que juif qui marche dans les rues avec une kippa sur la tête, je me sens plus en sécurité à Moscou qu’à Paris | Sputnik
    Jewish Religious Leaders: Law Enforcement and Big Tech Must Do More to Combat Hate Crime | Sputnik


    Innovative Program: Reserve Rabbis of Europe | Arutz Sheva


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    First of its kind project by Mountain Jews’ Association | Arutz Sheva 7
    Cemetery vandalism: ‘We are shocked and appalled’ | Arutz Sheva 7
    Strasbourg residents ‘disgusted’ as nearby Jewish cemetery desecrated | The Jerusalem Post
    Watch: Businessman who purchased Hitler’s belongings honored | Arutz Sheva 7
    I felt that these items belong only to the Jewish people | Arutz Sheva 7
    Man shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ at rabbis in a Geneva synagogue | Y net
    Judaism is severely under threat in all of Europe | Arutz Sheva 7
    Circumcision ban will end Jewish communities in Europe | Arutz Sheva 7
    Saving thousands of Jewish graves throughout Europe | Arutz Sheva 7
    American Jewry needs to connect to Europe diaspora’s plight | Arutz Sheva 7
    Fighting against the automatic anti-Israel majority in the UN | Arutz Sheva 7
    German rabbi discusses challenges facing European Jewry today | Arutz Sheva 7
    There are challenges, but that’s what we’re here for | Arutz Sheva 7
    Rome names central street after community rabbi | Arutz Sheva 7
    Leading haredi rabbis to European Jews: Don’t stand out | Arutz Sheva 7
    European rabbis ‘building up communities’ | Arutz Sheva 7


    75 ans de la libération d’Auschwitz : transmettre la mémoire | FRANCE 24


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    Billionaire Saban Helps Raise $29 Million for Israeli Troops | Bloomberg


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    University Denounced for Showing Sign Language for “Jewish” as Hooked Nose | The New York Times


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    US envoy: European laws – a ‘forced expulsion’ of Jews

    Mayor of Antwerp: I am a friend of Israel

    EU Coordinator on combating anti-Semitism ‘optimistic’

    Rabbi warns: Politically correct anti-Semitism has many faces

    Rabbi Asher Weiss: Jewish law obligates vaccination


    NEW EUROPE Protecting Jewish institutions means protecting our Western values


    CER coverage 17.05.19


    Mayor of Antwerp: I am a friend of Israel


    Thirty-first Conference of European Rabbis Takes Place in Antwerp
    Poland’s chief rabbi to i24NEWS: ‘Holocaust restitution row a matter of domestic politics’
    U.S. antisemitism envoy calls Europe’s kosher meat bans ‘forced expulsion’
    US anti-Semitism envoy: Europe’s kosher meat bans ‘forced expulsion’ for Jews
    Mayor of Antwerp: I am a friend of Israel
    UK Chief Rabbi ‘concerned about Labor, anti-Semitism growing’
    EU Coordinator on combating anti-Semitism ‘optimistic’
    POLITICO Brussels Playbook, presented by UNESDA, Soft Drinks Europe: War on online terror — Poroshenko speaks — Bee Man strikes again
    US anti-Semitism envoy calls Europe’s kosher meat bans ‘forced expulsion’ for Jews
    Rabbi Asher Weiss: Halacha Obligates Vaccination
    Chief Rabbi Visits Belgian Counterpart
    Rabbi warns: Politically correct anti-Semitism has many faces
    Trump envoy warns of triple antisemitism threat in address to European rabbis


    CER coverage 10.05.19


    CER coverage 03.05.19


    US synagogues need what Europeans have – armed guards


    CER coverage 12.04.19


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    CER coverage 29.03.19


    Strasbourg rabbi: We will continue our lives

    Desecrated Jewish cemetery in France restored

    ‘Any attack on Jews is an attack on us all’

    Belgium rabbi: UNESCO promotes incitement and racism


    CER coverage 15.03.19


    CER coverage 08.03.19


    CER coverage 01.03.19


    Strasbourg Chief Rabbi demands authorities reinforce guard and patrols
    100 gravestones desecrated with Swastikas in Jewish cemetery in France


    CER coverage 22.02.19


    European Jews: Should they stay or leave?
    Jewish leaders say Netanyahu gives ‘Kosher seal’ to Holocaust revisionism
    Munich Security Conference: As it happened


    Tribute to the Jews of Rome: ‘A Light unto the Nations’


    CER coverage 15.02.19


    CER coverage 08.02.19


    CER coverage 01.02.19


    Behind the Scenes Vatican Meetings on the Theology of Jewish-Christian Relations
    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and German Rabbinical Exponents quietly engage in unofficial discussions


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    We’ll hunt and catch the cemetery desecrators” – ARUTZ SHEVA 7 16/12/18


    CER coverage 14.12.18


    CER coverage 07.12.18


    CER weekly political update and coverage – 30.11.18


    Conference Of European Rabbis At Achim | THE YESHIVA WORLD 27.11.2018


    Conference of European Rabbis meets Israeli Government
    Conference of European Rabbis visits Knesset to discuss far-right in Europe, plan to appoint ambassador to ‘tackle far-right extremism

    Interview with leading European rabbi
    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of Conference of European Rabbis, discusses his visit to Israel, has a message for the Israeli right.


    Conference of European Rabbis meets Israeli Government


    Hundreds of rabbis united in combating antisemitism in Europe


    Top European rabbi warns Israeli leaders not to cosy up to far-right


    President Rivlin Meets With Heads of the Conference of European Rabbis


    Austria, where far right is part of government, takes a leading role in Europe’s fight against anti-Semitism


    CER coverage 16.11.18


    CER coverage 09.11.18


    PM Borissov: No community as united as Bulgarian Jews | The Sofia Globe


    Press clipping CER Oct 2018


    CER coverage 19.10.18


    CER greeted by French Technology Minister as they award budding entrepreneurs


    Conference of European Rabbis embrace the internet as a force for good


    The startup technologies doing good for the world


    Cer Prize. Prix des entrepreneurs d’internet


    CER coverage 12.10.18


    Conference of European Rabbis greeted by French Technology Minister as they embrace the internet as a force for good


    Only Jewish education can help bridge the Israel- Diaspora divide, By Pinchas Goldschmidt


    CER coverage 27.07.18


    Polish bill restricting kosher slaughtering removed from agenda


    CER coverage 20.07.18


    CER coverage 13.07.18


    Rabbis welcome Israeli decision to ban men who refuse religious divorce

    Men who refuse their wives a get to be barred from entering Israel

    Israel Gives Rabbinical Courts Unprecedented Jurisdiction Over Diaspora Jews

    New law allows Israeli rabbinical courts to punish Diaspora husbands who refuse religious divorce

    Law for rabbinical courts to hear non-Israeli divorce cases approved

    Husbands Who Refuse To Give A “Get” Can No Longer Enter Israel

    Courts To Punish Diaspora Husbands Who Refuse Religious Divorce

    Israel to bar entry to divorce-refusers

    Knesset Passes Law Granting Rabbinical Courts Jurisdiction over International Get Refusal Cases


    CER coverage 06.07.18


    Law permits rabbinical courts to hear Diaspora divorse cases


    Israel to bar entry to divorce-refusers


    European rabbis discuss ‘legislative terror’


    CER coverage 29.06.18

    CER coverage 22.06.18


    CER coverage 15.06.18


    Board of Deputies president says Corbyn has antisemitic views



    Author of controversial Lithuanian Holocaust book honoured at rabbinical summit



    EU Parliament President: No laws against Jewish practice



    CER coverage 01.06.18

    Lord Jakobovits Prize of European Jewry awarded to Antonio Tajani, EP President and Frans Timmermans, EC Vice-President. Rabbi Moshe Rosen Prize awarded to Lithuanian novelist Ruta Vanagaite, Brussels 2018








    EU Parliament President: No laws against Jewish practice


    European Judaism united in praising Europe



    CER coverage 25.05.18


    CER coverage 18.05.18


    Conference of European Rabbis visits Tunisia, feels ‘more optimism today’

    Regional tensions do not preclude Jewish festival in Tunisia’s Djerba

    La déclaration du Mufti de la République, Othmane Battikh, à une chaîne de télévision israélienne enflamme la toile


    CER coverage 11.05.18


    CER coverage 04.05.18


    Interview of Rabbi Goldschmidt to Spiegel Online



    Ban On Circumcision In Iceland To Be Dismissed In Parliament



    CER coverage 20.04.18


    Antisemitism in the UK Labour party – The Times

    Jews will flee if Corbyn becomes PM, says Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt (PDF)

    Jews will flee if Corbyn becomes PM, says rabbi (image)



    Interview mit Pinchas Goldschmidt über Antisemitismus in Europa



    Rabbiner fordert Dialog mit muslimischen Geistlichen



    CER coverage and weekly political update — 23.03.18

    CER coverage 23.03.18


    New Israeli bill seeks punishment for Jewish foreigners with ‘chained’ wives



    Coverage update: Head of the European Beth Din honoured by Germany

    German award for Dayan Ehrentreu


    Conference of European Rabbis Coverage Update 9th March 2018

    CER coverage 09.03.18


    Conference of European Rabbis Coverage Update 2nd March 2018

    CER coverage 02.03.18


    This time in the Saudi News Network Al – Arabiya, Things are changing in the Middle East



    Conference of European Rabbis Coverage Update 23 rd February 2018

    CER coverage 23.02.18


    New Polish legislation prohibits attributing Nazi crimes to Poland







    Conference of European Rabbis Coverage Update 2nd February 2018

    CER coverage 02.02.18


    Head of the European Beth Din honoured by Germany



    CERprize 2017 has been covered by:

    1. EU-Startups

    2. Enlace Judio

    3. Israel 21C

    4. Venture Canvas

    5. Israel Unidos

    6. The Yeshiva World


    היסטוריה באלבניה – הדלקת נר חנוכה במעון רה”מ המוסלמי והקמת מרכז יהודי






    הדלקת נר חנוכה באלבניה – שחרית – כסליו תשעח (1)

    הדלקת נר חנוכה באלבניה – יתד נאמן – כסליו תשעח

    הדלקת נר חנוכה באלבניה – המודיע – כסליו תשעח

    הדלקת נר חנוכה באלבניה – המבשר – כסליו תשעח (2)


    ועידת רבני אירופה – סמינר הרבנים בהלסינקי “










    סמינר הרבנים בהלסינקי – המבשר – כסליו תשעח

    סמינר הרבנים בהלסינקי – המודיע – כסליו תשעח (1)

    סמינר הרבנים בהלסינקי – יתד נאמן – כסליו תשעח (2)


    CER Awards Ceremony 2017 in Helsinki



    ועידת מונקו – הגיורים – נסיך מונקו מתווה הכותל והמקווה ועוד – תקשורת – 3 – כסליו תשע”ח





    מונקו – מרכז העניינים – כסליו תשעח

    מונקו – משפחה אנגלית -כסליו תשעח (1)

    מונקו – משפחה אנגלית -כסליו תשעח (2)

    מונקו – משפחה אנגלית -כסליו תשעח (3)


    Conference of European Rabbis Coverage book 2017

    CER coverage 2017


    Chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt to RT

    Interview for Russia Today


    Chief Rabbis Goldschmidt leads delegation to meet Prince Albert of Monaco









    / ועידת מונקו – הגיורים – נסיך מונקו מתווה הכותל והמקווה ועוד – תקשורת – 3 – כסליו תשע”ח

    מונקו – השחיטה בבלגיה – שחרית – כסליו תשעח

    מונקו – הנסיך- שחרית- כסליו תשעח (1)

    מונקו – הנסיך מתווה הכותל והמקווה – יתד נאמן – כסליו תשעח (3)

    מונקו – הנסיך מתווה הכותל והמקווה – יתד נאמן – כסליו תשעח (2)

    מונקו – הנסיך מתווה הכותל והמקוה – המודיע – כסליו תשעח

















    ועידת מונקו – הגיורים ועוד

    ועידת מונקו הגיורים – שחרית – כסליו תשעח (3)

    ועידת מונקו הגיורים – יתד נאמן – כסליו תשעח (2)

    ועידת מונקו הגיורים – המודיע – כסליו תשעח (1)









    Conference of European Rabbis reaches new agreement on Holocaust Graves













    היסטוריה בגרמניה – 79 שנים לאחר ליל הבדולח חונכת הקהילה התורנית כולל אברכים שהגיעו מליקווד ארה”ב

    ערוץ 7

    ככר השבת

    בחדרי חרדים


    כל הזמן




    Conference of European Rabbis Coverage Update 10th November 2017

    CER coverage 10.11.17


    Far Right Supports Israel in Ploy to Win Respectability, Europe’s Top Rabbi Warns


    CER coverage 03.11.17.pdf


    How This Knesset Bill Will Help Agunot, Chained Women, Worldwide



    Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt presents his book “Communtati et Orbi” to the European Parliament





    Israel to promote solution for ‘chained-wives’ around the world



    Rabbi of Strasbourg inducted in Solemnceremony Synagogue de la Paix








    CER coverage Nostra Aetate

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