The CER believes…

In the eternal validity of the Divine Law as revealed in our sacred scriptures and as authentically interpreted in all ages by the Rabbis, acknowledging the authority of the Written and Oral Law of Judaism, and that Halacha forms the basis of Jewish life.

That the restoration of the Jewish State in the Holy Land is a manifestation of Divine mercy towards the Jewish people and Israel’s well-being is coupled with its moral and religious strength.

That the religious attachment is the sole enduring link between the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora and that Israel is destined to become the source of religious inspiration to the Jewish people and the world at large.

That all relations and dealings between nations must be governed by ethical and religious principles, without which human happiness cannot be secured

That advances in science and technology may become a menace to mankind unless they are used with due regard for ethical and religious principles, in the dissemination of which, the Jewish people as the bearer of the message of the Prophets, have a special role to play.

As spiritual leaders of our people, we call on the lay leaders of the European Jewish communities and communal organizations, to work together with us to challenge the growing secularization of our communities and the growing threat of anti-Semitism in many European cities, and to strengthen the rabbis of our communities for them to be able to serve their communities with excellence.

We also solemnly call on every Jew to strive to conduct his or her life as a living expression of the Divine Will, by studying the holy words of our Torah, and by observing its laws, which have since time eternal been the sole guarantee of Jewish continuity, notably the Sabbath and Festivals, religious education and upbringing of the young.

As the custodians and teachers of Jewish Law in Europe we maintain that marriage, divorce and conversions will only be recognized and are only valid in Jewish Law when they have been carried out in conformity with Halacha. In order to prevent irreparable personal tragedies and to preserve the unity of the Jewish people, we earnestly appeal to the Jewish public not to be parties to marriages, divorces or conversions which would be contrary to Jewish Law.