• Boris Mints

    Dr Boris Mints is a businessman, philanthropist and committed supporter of Jewish cultural and social projects. Mr. Mints graduated from Ivanovo State University in 1980 with a specialization in theoretical physics. He is married to Marina Mints and together, they have three sons and a daughter.

    Along with being the Chairman of the Conference of European Rabbis, Dr. Mints is also a President and Founder of The Boris Mints Institute, based at The Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences in Tel Aviv University, and is an honorary Professor of Tel Aviv University. The Institute awards the annual Boris Mints Prize to an exceptional individual who has devoted their research and academic life to the solution of a strategic global challenge.

    In 2016, Dr Mints instituted The Mints Family Charitable Foundation. The aim and guiding principles of this Foundation are to provide support to non-profit organizations and initiatives in the spheres of education, fundamental knowledge and science, arts, culture, medicine and Jewish heritage. An educational and charitable project for publishing the Talmud in the Russian language was initiated with Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, together with the Jewish Education and Publishing Trust, in collaboration with the Mints Family Charitable Foundation.