Most of the Jews are concentrated in the capital, Alma Ata, but there are also communities in Karaganda (1,500), Chimken (1,500), Semiplatinsk, Uralsk, Kokchetav, Dzhambul, and several other towns.

The Mitzvah Association is an umbrella organization that unites more than 20 different local groups, both secular and religious.

Synagogues exist in Alma Ata and in Chimkent. There are more than 11 schools with some 650 students in 11 different communities, as well as a Jewish library in Alma Ata.


Israel and Kazakhstan have maintained full diplomatic relations since 1992. Aliya: Since 1989, 8,000 Jews from Kazakhstan have emigrated to Israel.

Dgelfozan Street 87, Alm Ata
Tel. 7 3272 507 215/8
Fax 7 3272 506 283

«MITSVA» Association of Jewish National Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Almaty, Makatayev str. 88-35
Tel: +727 273-54-49, +727 273 -04-11
Fax: +(727) 273-12-49
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