30 октября 2020

Congratulations to our well-deserved Winners of the CER Internet Entrepreneurs Prize!

Conference of European Rabbis greeted by French Technology Minister as they embrace the internet as a force for good

Hôtel de Ville, Paris- A group of leading, senior Rabbis, representing over 700 synagogue communities throughout Europe, have invested in technology to aid social progress, through the Conference of European Rabbis’ Internet Prize.

The event, which is under the patronage of the Prime Minister of France, Mr Édouard Philippe and Mrs. Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, brings together talented and ambitious entrepreneurs together with Europe’s most senior Rabbis to encourage using the internet for social good. As many within society are focusing on the increased online abuse, CER are harnessing the positives as previous winners have impacted the worlds of education and healthcare.

Speaking at the event, Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, said: “As religious leaders we have a duty to embrace technology and use it as a force of good in society. For too long, Rabbis have been wary of the internet and the damage it can do, spreading hate and evil, we are trying to embrace the internet and turn it into a positive. We want to build a bridge between the world of tradition and the world of tomorrow. These pioneers are showing that the positives can out way the negatives. To have entries from all over the world and from many different religions shows how we can all unite behind this message.

“Our Internet Prize recognises those individuals who utilise their strengths and abilities to create systems to advance human society. Every individual is blessed with various strengths and abilities with which he can achieve wondrous things.”

“I am honoured to award them the Internet Prize in continued support of their life-changing and inspiring work.”

This years’ winner, selected from over 500 applications, is Israeli born Moaz Ben Ari, whose creation of the CardioScale Ltd. system revolutionises patient care by allowing medical professional to predict deterioration in patients, even when their vital signs are within normal range. This enables them to make informed decisions regarding intervention, and ultimately, help save lives. Ben Ari’s invention is especially effective in emergency situations where the field- use monitor prioritises medical care and evacuation in casualties to save lives.

Two runner up prizes were awarded to applicants from Germany and France, whose creative solutions range from a Smartglass application that assists individuals living with disability and mobility challenges to live with greater independence, to INERGYS, an innovative and sustainable system of wind turbines which generate renewable energy sources.

Attendees of the ceremony were addressed by Keynote Speaker Mr. Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister for Digital Affairs, who remarked that:
“Why have children of immigrants often gone on to be entrepreneurs (sic)? Once you have travelled and built from nothing, negotiated between your country of origin and a new country and culture and redefined your nationality to build a new heritage, generally speaking you find all the qualities of entrepreneurs; bravery, endurance, stamina and solidarity — that’s what we find in entrepreneurs. That is why I always say, entrepreneurs can foster peace.”