20 May 2019

Сonference of European Rabbis Video 2019

The 1.7 million Jews living in Greater Europe today struggle with weakening communal structures, internal division, assimilation and apathy, and the inability to cope with the myriad of challenges of securing a better future for the Jewish Europe of tomorrow.

The CER was founded in 1956,to re-establish the spiritual greatness of European Jewry by strengthening the bond between the G-d of Israel and the Jewish People. We, who unite the custodians of our tradition the rabbis of the Jewish communities of Europe, seek to strengthen our individual and collective voices and mission, the transmission of the tradition of our fathers to the next generation of Jewish Europeans, defend our religious rights and extend our hand to all who share the concern of safeguarding the Jewish heritage in Europe.

We call on all spiritual leaders of Europe who believe in the basic tenets of the Jewish faith to join us in representing the interests of Judaism and the Jewish communities of Europe to the European institutions, and to the governments of Europe.